Some Fascinating Facts About Human Teeth.

Some less Known Facts About Human Teeth

  1. The average person spends 39 days of his life in brushing.
  2. The most expensive tooth in the world is Sir Isaac Newton. In 1816, his tooth was sold for $ 3633, which is equivalent to today’s $ 36,000. That is, about 22 lakhs of Indian Rupees.
  3. The people who drink cold drink more, the likelihood of denting and decay increases up to 62 percent.
  4. The strongest part of our body is the upper part of our teeth.
  5. By brushing our teeth are only 60 percent clean, the whole cleaning of the teeth can not be done without threading them. Therefore, as well as brushing, make a habit of threading in everyday teeth.
  6. Right hand person chew the food right from the right side while the left hand person with its left side.
  7. The signs of dentin are also different as we have fingerprints.
  8. There are about 300 types of bacteria present in the scalp of dentin.
  9. The tooth is part of our bone vessel (skeletal) but it is not counted in the bones.
  10. A dog has 42 teeth, cat’s 30, pig’s 44 and elephant 26 teeth.
  11. The true colors of the teeth are only yellow, so do not try to whiten them.
  12. Switzerland is more bank than doctors of dentist care in the country.
  13. Ancient Roman people used pee to polish their teeth.
  14. Gandhi ji kept his fake teeth in his dhoti. He used to put them only at the time of food.
  15. Chew a little piece of ginger to get rid of toothache immediately. The pain will be removed immediately.
  16. Tip to make your teeth healthy and stronger
  17. If you press the teeth while going to the toilet, they will stay strong and you will never be paralyzed.

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