Some Fun Facts About Bones

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Do you know how much bones are in human body ?

At the time of birth, the human bone (skeleton) is composed of approximately 300 bones. By reaching the age of 18, the number of bones has increased by 206 bones due to the many bones fuse in each other.

Some Facts about Bones

  1. Bones keep growing until the age of 20. At the age of 30 we have the highest weight and density of our athlete.
  2. There are 126 bones in sectional skeletal (Appendicular Skeletal). This part helps in moving the body and acts to protect some organs.
  3. Our axial skeleton part has 80 bones. This part maintains the balance between the upper and the lower part of our body.
  4. The bones help the body to move (move), support and protect various organs of the body. Along with this, it also works for the production of red and white blood cells and storage of mineral salts.
  5. The longest bone in the body is the thigh bone. Femur does it in English. Thigh bone is so powerful that it can withstand 7800 kilo weight per cubic inch.
  6. The smallest bone in the body is inside the ear, which is called Stapes in English. The length of the stapes is just 2.8 millimeters.
  7. Like our skin our bones are also being rebuilt. In 7 years, the parts of your bone are completely changed.
  8. In total, there are 54 bones in hands, fingers and wrists.
  9. The tooth is part of our bone vessel (skeletal) but it is not counted in the bones.
  10. There is a slight difference between the bone marrow of women and men. The women’s skeleton is usually slightly shorter and the bones of the pelvis are open so that it can be helpful when giving birth to the baby.
  11. Most outer layers of bones are thick and strong. After the outer layer, there is a very small space filled with air for lightness and then inside there is a soft, flexible, tissue substance called Bone Marrow (bone marrow).
  12. Bone marrow is 4% of our body’s total weight. It creates red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout our body. Bone Marrow also produces lymphocytes (lymphocytes), which is the main component of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system strengthens our body’s immune system.
  13. Calcium is very important for our bones. It keeps our bones strong and healthy.
  14. Where our strikes are found, they are called joint. There is no single addition in our skull, while our hips are capable of doing many types of motion.
  15. Mats and tissues work to connect our two bones.
  16. At birth only our ear bone is fully grown.
  17. 14% of our body weight is in the bones.
  18. Both the human and the giraffe have 7 bones in the throat.
  19. There is only one bone in the whole body without joint. This bone is found in the throat.
  20. What seems to be a bit like a collision with our elbows is actually due to the bone, but not because of the bone.
  21. People often break the bone of their hands.
  22. All the bones of our body are divided into 5 sections according to their shape – like long, short, flat, irregular and sesame shapes.
  23. The pain caused by the mother when the child is born is equal to breaking 20 bones together.
  24. The mouth with which we eat is made up of 14 bones.
  25. If any of your bones are broken, it may take up to 12 weeks to cure it.
  26. Bones and teeth are found in 99% of the calcium in the human body.

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